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She shoots, she scores!

Okay, why have we spent all week on this pointless back-and-forth questioning between Mark and Dad? Did Rivera recently re-watch the Da Vinci Code? Is it simply to make a transition into next week’s focus on Cherry and/or Rusty? Seems a bit much for that to me. As I’ve pointed out before, none of this is news and it all goes back to their conversation in Florida. I think we have to chalk this up to padding the ol’ storyline, something that we’ve seen in Vintage Mark Trail stories, as well. Like the flapjacks Dad brought up this past Tuesday, we can give Rivera points for keeping another old tradition going!

Also, we haven’t heard much from ol’ Doc Davis for some time. In fact, we’ve hardly heard from him at all since Rivera took over. >DING! DING! DING!<  Rivera tops off flapjacks and story padding with yet another Vintage Mark Trail tradition for the Hat Trick. Rivera is hot this week!

But no points for Doc. Nobody in their right mind makes chili in a pressure cooker.


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