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Here is the Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

It’s SUNDAY!  In this action-packed week, the Big NFT Show finally began. We haven’t yet seen the main event in progress; rather, we sat through various interactions of Family Trail members. I reckon all of the action this week probably took place within a 30-minute time frame:

  • Mark and Pappy Happy discussed the impending doom when the crowd discovers the scam
  • Mark and Cherry traded quips as Rusty was amazed at the large halfpipe in action
  • Rusty then got gob-smacked by a trio of cute teens hanging out by the halfpipe until he found the courage to start a conversation with them
  • Mark ran into Professor Sharp, who was on his way to reveal the scam-in-progress to the crowd. Mark tried to stop him. Sharp pushed his way into the event DJ’s booth and means to upload his thumb drive for all to hear and see. Can Mark stop him? Should he?

While we all wait for Monday to see what The Professor has to show, let’s look at today’s nature show.

Figured it would be spiders, today. And a web-based title panel is made to order. I used to informally study spiders. Trail is right; they are very helpful to humans, insofar as their pest-eating ability is concerned. In fact, if you find spiders in your house, it usually means there are even less desirable bugs around and the spider(s) is cleaning up for you. So don’t squash them, even if they look scary. Seems our fear of spiders (and snakes) may be an evolutionary holdover, though that is small comfort to people with strong phobias.

Just try to ignore them, unless they are dangling from a thread over your head where you sleep. In that case, you should run like hell, because you are probably a character in a murder mystery novel about to be murdered by a clever fiend who is most likely your uncle, in order to beat you out of your inheritance! Either that or quit wearing mosquito-themed pajamas.


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