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Dr. Howser Call Surgery, Dr. Howser…

What the…  What is Doogie Howser doing in the Trail-verse???  At least he has hair, unlike that poor chap in panel two…  Random as that is- again what does an extra get paid to fill in the blanks of the story line- but at least he is a real person, not just a picture on a nightstand


What continues to strike me as funny, comical almost, is that this is clearly a crime scene- one man shot, two men leaving the scene of the crime, and not a police car, not a sheriff, just Mark and Jason, to brothers in the bonds of ink stained fingers, carrying (presumably) Ol’ Eddie like a bag of Portland cement out to the waiting vehicle and to the hospital…

“So you’re Mark Trail…” of course you have heard of him, “Jason,” but please Mark, spare me the lies… you aren’t home enough to even know what the local paper looks like…

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