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Graft! Corruption at the highest levels!!

A Deputy Sheriff on Big Mike’s payroll!! What these Baddies won’t do to ensure that their little money making schemes pan out!  Well, that means, as usual, that Mark will have to take the law into his own hands (again) since he can’t be sure who Big Mike is paying or not- how far up the chain does the corruption go?  Maybe there’s a United States Senator involved!  There is obviously SO MUCH MONEY involved in a high stakes poaching ring the possibilities are endless!


The deer in the first panel are obviously very concerned with the outcome of this story, since it is they who are being “spotlighted” and taken out…  Good Heavens.  Just how big IS Lost Forest anyway?  It seems as though its fingers reach into every nook and cranny of civilization…  Rather than the city encroaching on protected lands it would seem to be the other way around!

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