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Mr. Baker, have you no shame?

It would seem not…  Apparently he will be able to gaze upon his trophy, perched above the hearth in his study for years to come, knowing that he did not pull the trigger…  He might as well just go to a thrift store or find one in someone else’s attic…


And then there’s that irritating ¾ profile close-up of “Big Mike” in panel two…  What- is this guy so difficult to draw that we have to one again copy/ paste?  And as “Sideburns McGreavy” gives Big Mike the Big thumbs-up in panel three, little does he know that he is about to meet up with his fate- the Fists-o-Justice- from one Mark Trail…  If these guys aren’t worth a punch, I don’t know who is!  So c’mon, Elrod, no open field tackles this time, let Mark’s sharpened knuckles do their job!


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