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That is the saddest face I have ever seen…

Yup.  Gone.  Except for that ratty rug and a few pieces of pottery… and in case anyone besides me was wondering whether there is any truth to any of this, pottery was a big part of Native American, pre-Columbian culture…  But enough with the history lesson.  We have a robbery, a sad old man, and a framed Nature Writer to worry about.  And in case you think I am referencing Dunlap’s sad face, look at Andy!  Oh, the indignity!! Sitting there with his muzzle bound!


“Yea, see, it was that MARK TRAIL who done it… Held us at gunpoint, see, and made Jeff tie me up… yea, that’s it…”  Cherry is expressing shock in the time honored way that any female comic strip character does- right hand to her bosom, as if needing to catch her breath after being shocked by terrible and unexpected news…  But I repeat- why would Mark have to tie up HIS OWN DOG???  Ths is so stupid it boggles the mind.  Let’s hope the Davises and Mr. Dulap see through this in a North-woods minute…  Meanwhile, Mark is being held hostage by the real villain, sleeping with his finger on the hair trigger!

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