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The days must be tedious as hell…

Time is passing quickly from strip to strip.  With every next day we see them preparing to stop, it’s another day after another night’s long march…  Then they get to stare at each other for, oh, I don’t know, at least 8 hours until the sun sets, assuming that they are true to the season and the coming Winter solstice…


Of course they run into the always available “abandoned cabin…”  How does Jeff know that it is?  Once inside we see rat and squirrel leaping from beam to beam, a what? (calendar?) hanging askew on the wall and a bad attempt at a window covering (at first blurry-eyed glance I thought it was a pair of white boxer shorts hanging from an inside laundry-line…)

We see only one pack basket, borne by Jeff, does that mean that once the canoe is resting Mark has to go back, at gunpoint, to retrieve the other?  C’mon Mark, this is getting old!!

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