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Uh, he went… that-a-way?

I am sure that Jeff would be interested in knowing that he is heading “for Bent River.”  Just in case anyone is wondering, (I was) the only hits I get on the Google for “Bent River” is a Brewery in Mankato MN, and a couple of street names in GA.  But here we are, Mark has neither slept nor eaten well in days… yet his tracking skills are still razor sharp.  To quote Princess Buttercup, I am sure that Mark could “track a falcon on a cloudy day.” Whatever that means…


We need to return to the scene of the crime though.  What are all the rest up to?  Is Mr. Dunlap still disconsolate?  Muttering declarative statements (“I skin squirrels and make coats out the pelts!) Have they gone to the authorities?  Where is Rusty?  Who is feeding the horses back at Lost Forest?  So many questions so few answers…

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