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Ever hear of STEALTH?

Apparently Mark has not… I mean, how much noise can a man make running along the “rocky ridge,” anyway?  And to be heard above the sounds of paddling and rushing rapids?  Remember, Mark, he has A GUN, and your only advantage, the element of surprise, has just been taken away from you.  But of course you don’t know that… Oh, this doesn’t look good.  Jeff Baucom is a professional bad guy, not like these schlubs  who cheat at fishing tournaments or poach game…


But again, let’s recap… Jeff Baucom has left his partner in crime (literally) behind to fend for himself (I mean how was Jared going to “go the authorities” anyway?)  He has buried the treasure, what he would hope to somehow monetize by what means, a week’s canoe paddle away, upstream, replete with portage opportunities… and they are somehow going to return to it and get it at some date to be determined?  Is this all part of a master plan or is he improvising?   And now he has one angry Nature Writer bearing down on him?  Gun or not, Jeff Baucom has to feel like the heat is closing in on him…

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