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And we’re back…

MTTLF = 73 days  (for the uninitiated, that’s Mean-Time-to-Lost-Forest) or how many days, not counting Sundays, did we spend away from Lost Forest, the home of Doc and Cherry (nee Davis) Trail… And that freeloading nature writer Son-in-Law Mark… So let’s think about this for a minute…  That’s nigh on three months, and it would appear that the elves have done a great job keeping up the place!!  I wonder if there are any shoes by the hearth…  And everyone looks so damned happy around the table… Strong black coffees- all around!!  On me!  Even Andy looks happy as hell…  but really.  How did they get back??  The magic of comic strips, I suppose.  And assuming, in real life, that the return trip would have taken weeks, would they still be prattling on about Dunlap and his stupid artifacts?  And what exactly is the “local Native American tribe” going to do with the money that Jeff ‘n’ Jared had their eyes on??  Who knows…


But seriously.  Rusty.  Where in heaven’s name is Rusty.  It’s like he never existed?  He hasn’t been spoken of or seen since they all decided to go on a little canoe/ fishing trip last November…

3 thoughts on “And we’re back…

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