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You wear overalls, I have pockets…

Why else do people, mostly men I suppose, wear overalls?  So’s they can hook their thumbs in the straps while they shoot the breeze with strangers, of course… And Mark, having approached said overall-clad man, must immediately drop whatever is in his hands and listen carefully in panel two with his hands stuffed into his pockets…


Rusty has a huge grin on his face watching Mark in action, approaching a “source,” (that’s what we call people in the Nature Writer business) and getting him to talk.  “Sure, I have no problem divulging information to this total stranger about someone I barely know, or only ‘know about…’”  But what else is there to “know” about Jessica (one n, two p’s) Canupp???  Mark will certainly find out…

I really must point out, though, the lack of diversity in this strip.  It’s as white as loaf of wonder bread!!  Why, there hasn’t been a person of color in this strip ever!  What?  Only white people hunt, fish, cheat steal, write stories and take pictures?  It’s not like the job description is overly taxing here…

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