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Human Life is not So Dear in the Trailverse…

“Hey Mister” he says, accusingly, “You aren’t allowed to do that.”  Sounds like a kid on the grade school playground pointing out to a classmate that hanging upside-down on the monkey bars is “against the rules.”  To which the spear-wielding scofflaw replies with a death threat.  Sure.  He’s so desperate to put food on his family’s table that he will not allow anything to come between him and tasty turtle tartar, not even a random guy who has promoted himself to Game Warden.  But who knew that Turtle Slaughter was a problem?


As this story takes shape, or not, we now have any number of directions it could take… We have been teased by a pelican loving woman named Jessica and her Taxidermist boyfriend “Marlin,” and now we have a random poacher introduced.  It’s like poaching is the only truly indictable offense in this world…  and remember- it’s not like Ol’ Eddie who would do “a little poaching,” but rather like these brazen types that are out in broad daylight (or flashlight) breaking the law with impunity…


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