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Yeah, man, like he could be the FUZZ, man…

We are reminded again that it’s Mark obtuse nature and inability to empathize with his fellow human being that places him in the middle of things…  I mean, if he had picked up the phone and called Jessica Canupp, asked for permission to visit, this story would have been over before it started…  Yet here he is.  Little did Eddie the Dock guy know that Jessica and Marlin are UP TO NO GOOD!!  I mean how else could they afford to keep up the ante bellum mansion in the shadows behind them in panel one?  Trust fund?  Maybe, but my money is on Marlin trafficking heroin inside his stuffed creations…


The crazy thing is that Marlin and Jessica don’t fit the profile of bad people- no facial hair, no unprovoked belligerence, they form full sentences and seem to adhere to all manner of social propriety and decorum…  But there’s Mark, picking up his “equipment” and moving right in.  If there was ever a guy who couldn’t pick up on a subtle sign or hint, it’s him!

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