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Strangers in the night…

…exchanging glances…  well, Marlin, you might be a great taxidermist (or not?) but you are a lousy spook.  That is unless you wanted to be found out.  While Mark is trying out his infrared / night-vision camera gear, Good Ol’ Andy detects the presence of an interloper and the gig is up!!  And then the two men engage in small talk… “This is a nice spot for it!” Marlin offers nervously/ excitedly…  Anything to drag the story line out…


Once more the stilted quality of the dialogue is revealed in the inaccurate bolding of words…  should not it be “What are you DOING, Trail?” as compared to “WHAT are you doing, Trail?”  I swear these guys don’t listen to their own dialogue before it goes into the can and onto the printed page…  by the way, that’s a great look on Mark’s face in panel two.  A neutral treatment of the lip-line gives away- what? Who knows.  I just don’t remember ever seeing Mark with this level of emotional non-commitment.  Or may we have, whenever Rusty and Cherry are around…

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