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Meanwhile, aboard the Bruce…

The story line can stall or move with such pace as to leave the reader scratching his head…  Now who are the people aboard the good ship Bruce??  Is that Mitchum on the left?  Difficult to tell…  And what pray-tell is “this sort of thing…??”  Sounds like we already up to no good.  And it sounds like the crew of the Bruce is up for “anything…”  nothing is too dangerous or dirty for them.


But what on Earth does Vince, his back-ordered Boat Part, his lack of a phone to call and see whether the part is in or not, and his flat-bottom boat in which he can only “punt around the Swamp” have to do with anything??  I Submit to you, dear reader, that Vince must feature in this storyline otherwise we wouldn’t have learned of his name- first and last…

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