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Mark sure seems to TAKE more punches these days…

I mean, has James Allen allowed Mark to deliver ONE haymaker??  Nope.  And this isn’t the first time Mark has been sucker-punched, either in this latest incarnation of the strip…  Very disappointing.  What happened to Mark’s fight?  Pony Tail leads with a left and follows up with a huge right that sends Mark over the railing and into the water…  I hope the shock revives him, or he is surely toast!!


Isn’t it great how the word “Splash” sounds like it really does…  What’s that device?  Onomatopoeia?  Helpful in the telling of a story where there isn’t sound available.  Although we have seen, in the Trailverse, the use of the worm “Wham” to describe a rifle shot… not entirely accurate, if you ask me…

And with a certain angry, ugly aura emanating from Cherry (Again she must be wondering, “Who are you…” who gets punched and can’t defend himself? Certainly not the man I married…) we must wait another day to see how this continues to play out…  Is it possible, we all wonder, for TROUBLE to NOT follow TRAIL in the dictionary??


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