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Mounds, Mark. BIG Mounds…

C’mon, man, don’t you know anything??

It’s kind of funny.  Neither of them know what the heck they are talking about.  At least Professor Gabriel could position himself as an expert on the White Nose Bat Syndrome situation (fat lot of good that did him, though, especially with the ladies…)  and here we have a writer and a desk-jockey out tromping through the jungle (again, from where or how did that emerge…) thinking they know the first thing about Imported Red Fire Ants…


We appear to be moving past the ruins, as if there were no particular reason for us to have even found them… sort of like the bi-plane in the giant sinkhole during the cave mis-adventure…  another distraction that leads nowhere.  I won’t be head-faked, this time, nor will our heroes.  They stay firmly focused on finding those ants!

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