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Boy that was close!

As Abbey expresses her reluctance to make a death defying walk across a fallen tree spanning a crevasse of unknown (unknowable?) depths, her mettle is tested…  And Mark is, in a way, daring her to do so… to what end?  Is this the same as people climbing Everest- because it’s there?  Run 100 mile races- because they can?  I’ve noticed among the many bromides that crawl their way into my Facebook feed, “Do something every day that scares you…”  The point of which, I suppose, is to not allow yourself to fall into a rut.


But when does a comfortable routine become a rut?  When does a person get so comfortable in that rut that they start to decorate and re-decorate that rut, convincing themselves that it’s all good?


So go on, Abbey, live!  Even at the behest of Mark Trail!  I’m guessing it will give your pulse a race and stop and start your heart a few times… but you will learn that chances not taken are opportunities missed!

4 thoughts on “Boy that was close!

  1. Abbey wasn’t scared of heights when this adventure started off. I recall her scrambling up the side of the mountain in pursuit of the Nihoa finch, with a clumsy return down. She even had climbing gear stowed in her small boat powered by at least a 9.9 hp outboard. She apparently has lots of gear with her, how many nights has Abbey spent on this small, unstable Atoll? Trail needs to charter a helicopter, which is idly standing by while the meter continues to run. What the hell is poor old Cal doing? He must look really sad by now.
    And how about the Mrs? Is she passed out cold poolside, or maybe banging a Thomas Magnum lookalike?

  2. “stepped on the ant” – love it!

    1. So Abbey couldn’t just crawl across? Here she is: Scared of heights, barely able to negotiate a tree trunk, but happy to climb rock formations. She isn’t acrophobic; she’s just incredibly clumsy.
    2. So Mark didn’t think of taking her by the hand and walking her across when he went?
    3. They still haven’t figured out that a helicopter is useful for getting up hills, traversing rough terrain and scouting architectural ruins?
    4. Did Mark Trail suddenly attain enlightenment or divine status, as seen in panel 3?
    5. Will a Troll reach out from the crevasse and finally put an end to Abbey and Mark?
    6. Will they run into a 6-foot Fire Ant Queen and get trapped after the worker ants have eaten away the conveniently fallen tree, only to be saved by a bored Cal who has decided to go home?
    7. Did Allen hire a 10-year old to handle the writing chores so he could spend more time tracing Elrod’s drawings?

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