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Not too bright, are they?

…and what’s with the Buster Brown Shoes, Mark??


As Mark exclaims to no one in particular, Abbey has found another random “ridge” to fall down/into…  And is Mark purposely allowing himself to slide into the same ridge?  Or is it simply another stroke of bad luck?  The kind that befalls people that don’t know when it’s best chill out by he pool and actually take a vacation.  But of course where’s the adventure in that?  And since our scribe has no skills other than drawing, (remember this is what he claims to like best about his current job,) we’ll continue to be subjected to awkward and incomprehensible story arcs…

So as Gravity takes a hold of the Trail, maybe tomorrow we’ll find out if Abbey’s headlong plunge into a shallow creek bed has rendered her, well, dead…  We can  only hope for the real Abbey Powell (@realabbeypowell) that she has been released from this purgatory…

3 thoughts on “Not too bright, are they?

  1. Did I miss something here? (No, not Cherry and her separate Hawaiian fling, a glaring omission to the storyline which my imagination has been busily filling in.)

    But I could swear that yesterday I saw a strip showing Abbey’s body plunging headfirst down this second ravine, having first scraped along the slope’s face, then bouncing off an outcropping at least a dozen feet down from the precipice. Am I right in thinking USDA may soon be in the market for a new Agent? If our casually dressed, unhelmeted and unbespectacled Abbey survived the fall depicted from treetop to (so far as we know) bottomless abyss, with various rocky encounters along the way, she would surely be nursing multiple fractures and pretty severe head trauma, to say nothing of having a wicked case of bruising and lacerations. Should we expect that Cal and his chopper will reenter the plot in order to med-evac her out of this jam?

    But I digress . . . So either our intrepid blogger missed reviewing a day’s installment – a rip in the Trail universe’s space-time continuum, as it were – or I have become entirely too obsessed with the twists and turns of this nightmare/fantasy such that my subconscious has started making up more bizarro-world stuff in order to see if it just might come true, just as I have done with the presidential election.

    I can’t wait to see just what I will wake up to tomorrow. Dare I hope for some moorings in the realm of plausibility?

  2. Apparently, Allen continues to believe his readers have a)no attention span and need daily reviews of the prior day’s 2 seconds of activity; and b)no ability to understand the current action without somebody in the strip explaining it to us as it happens. And unfortunately, what is happening and being explained would not even make it as a Reality TV Show, which is saying a lot. “I’m coming Abbey!”, really? Other than falling (once again)?

    And is that REALLY a ridge? Usually a ridge implies a cliff of some sort, but the first panel shows a grassy knoll, with an apparent descending cascade of flora. Hardly a cliff, but more like a hill. Yet, Mark was clever enough to find the ledge and more clever by half to stand on the edge like some Big-City Yokel, and lose his footing. Good thing this isn’t the Grand Canyon.

    On second thought, maybe if things just didn’t work out for Mark this time out, we could have “BETTY TRAIL”, an arguably more visually interesting strip, at least. She could pick up where Mark left off, but without the stumbling around. Allen could hire a real writer, or at least steal some story lines from the old Trail strips of the ’40s and ’50s.

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