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Oh, c’mon, Dirty…

How on earth can you turn down an invitation (by a stunning lady, no less) for a trip back into the wild?  What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right??


The look on Ol’ Dirty’s face in panel three would suggest that the wounds and scars from the rhino-horn incident will be long-to-heal… a bit of post-traumatic stress, I’d wager. I am still trying to nail what the scar outline reminds me of… the state of Indiana is all I’m coming up with…

Rather bold of you, Ms. Hunter… to invite a man, who only days (minutes?) before you considered “rude,” on your little safari…

One thought on “Oh, c’mon, Dirty…

  1. I’ll lay a bet Chris is going back to the States and gunning for Mark. But Mark will happen to be called away to Africa by Ms Hunter! So Chris will go to Lost Forest and find Mark where he just came from. So he’ll go back, leading to a lot of travel time for Chris and a bad case of jet lag. Adventure will ensue.

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