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By George, I think you’re right!

And by “George” I mean Faithful Reader and Constant Commenter George Atkins…

I’ll lay a bet Chris is going back to the States and gunning for Mark. But Mark will happen to be called away to Africa by Ms Hunter!  So Chris will go to Lost Forest and find Mark where he just came from.  So he’ll go back, leading to a lot of travel time for Chris and a bad case of jet lag.  Adventure will ensue.


And we can tell that Dirty has been in Africa for “a few years” by how little starch is left in his epaulets… I’m sure it’s difficult to find a decent laundry on skid row…  let’s hope he figured out a way to get a weekly bath in, otherwise I don’t envy his fellow passengers…

But is this the end of the “lion” adventure?  Did we go all the way to Africa just to “bump” into Chris Dyer so that we can now follow his exploits?  Reminds me of that brief interlude at Lost Forest with the hunky archer just so Cherry could later pick up a bow and save the day in the Great Dismal Swamp…  Boy, I have been at this for a while… and will soon answer the question of whether a man can prosper by retaining a somewhat encyclopaedic knowledge of Mark Trail and his exploits…

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