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Gee, I don’t know, Baldy…

…and I’m sure Mark is wondering that himself.  You know, this isn’t Mark’s first rodeo, Dumbass…  he and his family have been kidnapped countless times int he past.  But this is certainly the first time that any of them has been taken hostage only to be told to go where they were going to go anyway…


I m sure that the world has its share of diabolical geniuses, but clearly Baldy ain’t one of them… what possible leverage does he have as he continues to be out-numbered by those who would otherwise want the thwart his plans, if he can even be said to have a plan…

One thought on “Gee, I don’t know, Baldy…

  1. OMG. It is fairly uncertain how much more stupid this story can get. Why does he need to remove the tracking device when they’re headed to his original destination? Do ya think Baldy has something clever up his sleeve? No sign of it yet!

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