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Well, back at it…

Took a day off yesterday and figured that would help move the story along…


Turns out Mark can read minds, ladies and gents, boys and girls of all ages…


Fat lot of good it does him as he continues (for reasons none of us can fathom) to play along with this whole caper.  Like I have said, he and Blondie are nothing but liabilities at this point, and yet this happy trio continues to travel together, with Mark at the wheel… At least we are introduced to another “look,” one of pain a suffering from Blondie.

But why did they need to stop at a truck stop to open the hood and remove “the tracking device?  Might have been a good idea to do that sooner that later, before a vector had been established for any eventual search?  Again applying logic and reason to this only makes one’s head hurt…

One thought on “Well, back at it…

  1. Well, who on earth would look for them and why? Even if they were after Baldy, how would they know he is with Trail? How is it that Trail let Baldy take the time to tie Blondie to the car door without doing something? At the least, her situation spoils my idea of them running off. As if Trail would.

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