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Let’s not get too fancy here…

Drawing people having a conversation I’m guessing isn’t as easy as drawing an Elk or a Water Buffalo, but let’s not strive to capture every mouth shape, OK?  The last panel is positively creepy, lips all pursed and puckered.  Sort of looks like the typical Trumpian shot- what I like to call the “bugle mouth…”


Well, hallelujah… they have a lead- a positive ID on the suspect that also involve/implicates Mark.  Mark will have some ‘splaining to do once all this unravels, but certainly a famous person like Mark Trail would be in the facial features database!  Surely they have to be able to recognize him as well!!  Which is really funny… Mark Trail… Breaking Bad

2 thoughts on “Let’s not get too fancy here…

  1. I was initially surprised like you, Dennis, to see FBI agents without shirt & tie, even in a field office. But I am also surprised to see them in what appears to be typical “work” shirts that do not sport the usual two breast pockets that most males in the Trailverse tend to have. Could Allen have started using a different clothing catalog as a resource, now that Abercrombie & Fitch seem to be on the wrong side of the political/social fence? Or is Allen actually trying to inject a greater sense of individuality in the strip?

  2. Rearrange the coif, dye the brows blonde, gray the temples and what we end up with is not only the “Donald Pucker” but a deadringer visage! How au courant, James!

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