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Not THE Mark Trail?!

By the look on his face, Boss Man is getting a big kick out this whole thing …  Mark Trail!  Huh! Really?!


Oh, tell us!! Please!  What’s so weird about Mark renting a car?  Did he flash gang signs at the security camera on his way out of the terminal?  What exactly did he do?  He had an idea… a long shot, as you may recall…

Is anyone but me creeped-out by the surveillance state?  I mean, it took about two seconds for them to ID Mark, the fact that he had booked a flight and rented a car, probably in town on business… do they know the contents of his suitcase, for crying out loud?  Oh well, I guess we don’t have anything to fear unless we are up to no good, right??

One thought on “Not THE Mark Trail?!

  1. Could it be that the weirdness at the rental counter was Mark opting to pay “full boat” for the insurance? Who does that?

    More likely he left a message on the rental form, the equivalent of a missive that one might be found in a fortune cookie included in your Chinese take-out: “Help, I’m being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!”

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