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Oh man… Cherry’s going to freak!

Imagine you’re sitting at home in Lost Forest, scrapbooking or something, and the phone rings…  It’s the FBI…  Asking questions about what you know about your husband’s travel plans… You know they aren’t going to come right out with what they know, they want you to tell them what you know… and only after your story hangs together will they share the reason they are calling and to not worry about a thing, they are sure that everything’s all right…  But Cherry ought to be used to this by now… every time Mark leaves the house shit happens…


But in other news, it’s the hair!  The Hairline in panel one.  Yikes, that’s a sight.  It’s like a putting green surrounded by a sand trap!  He needs to pull some more money out of his retirement account and finish the job!

Yea, and I am growing weary of waiting to hear what “thing” Mark did at the Rental Car counter, other than invoke the name of Leslie Joyce, friend and apparent benefactor to Woods and Wildlife Magazine..

2 thoughts on “Oh man… Cherry’s going to freak!

  1. And what’s with all of the smiling, especially when tracking a murdering bank robber? Usually, that would be after you catch them.

    The guy in the white shirt looks like one of the munchkins in the original “Wizard of Oz” movie.

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