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Yea… See? Or I’ll shoot the girl…

Aren’t we all just a wee bit tired (OK, very tired) of Grumpy McGrumperson’s snarl?


What on earth did Mark say this time to make Baldy cross?  Apparently simply answering questions is enough to set him off…  “Do you think he’s still alive down there?”  “You stay here – I’ll go check!” is seemingly more than he can handle… Of course I’d be pissed too, if I had raindrops pelting my bald head and running down my face…  At least Trail has HelmetHair, guaranteed to keep his scalp dry, if nothing else…

One thought on “Yea… See? Or I’ll shoot the girl…

  1. And aren’t we waaay passed the point in time where we could realistically ask Baldy and the Blonde “Once you forced Mark to drive the car out of town, why didn’t you just kick him out or shoot him?”

    Oh, wait: These master bank robbers couldn’t scope out a useful airfield ahead of time, so they came up with the hair-brained idea of abducting some arbitrary sucker at the airport who just happened to be getting a rental and just happened to be heading to a remote ghost town with an airfield.

    I suppose you just have to make your own luck.

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