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Oh, Sweet Release!!

How long has it been, boys and girls?  How long has it been since Mark was allowed to unleash the fists of fury??  A left AND a right…


This has been a loooong time coming, though, right??  A slow burn- the likes of which we have never seen in the Trailverse- to the point where we all figured Mark had turned in his man-badge and was just going to be put-upon for the rest of time… I love the monologue as he’s delivering the haymakers!  And just look at the spit flying in the second panel… seriously.  I can’t get enough of this…

5 thoughts on “Oh, Sweet Release!!

  1. If fists (or rifle butts, boot heels, rocks or any other blunt instrument that could inflict bodily harm) flew at least once a week, I might give this strip more of my attention.

  2. It looks like James Allen shrunk Baldy’s right hand to make it fit in the corner of the second panel. Is it a Trump reference??

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