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Ah, Mister Trail…

Since Mark still doesn’t know anyone’s name, besides his own and Johnny’s, he has to resort to “Lady” which is not a very good descriptor for one who double-crosses and wields s gun…


I expect Blondie to now turn on Baldy, given that his sense of timing and level of patience continues to be maddeningly off…  I mean, ho long did that fight last? 2 or 3 seconds?  And he’s kvetching about how long it took her to fire a shot across Mark’s prow??

Wasn’t onto you?!  Surely, lady, you have not met the likes of Mark Trail!  (Mr. Trail to you!)  He plays dumb, and at times (mostly) pulls it off… but I guess he was onto you the whole time.  I wonder what tipped him off??

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