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Where’s the gun?

There’s the gun!!


Suddenly, shots are fired and the lighting comes up and Blondie reveals herself for what she is!  A no-good-nick!  A Baddie, a regular Mata Hari…  Mark looks like he is ready to go low in panel three- the tackling skills that put many a crook down…  Unfortunately Mark’s brain right now is a study in cognitive dissonance…  “What th-…  a woman?  THE woman that I figured on having to save?  And whose advances I would have to fend off, to whom I would have to explain that I am a happily married man?”  Poor Mark… He just wasn’t made for these times…

4 thoughts on “Where’s the gun?

  1. I can’t stop being drawn back to the cross-eyed focus of our femme fatale’s eyes in panel two. It’s like her gaze follows me around the room – both ways!

    And is she holding that gun with Baldy’s shrunken hand?

    If he is reading this, I hope that Mr. Allen does not take my comments in a negative light. I’ve got to admit that it is, in part, these idiosyncrasies of his artistic viewpoint, along with his convoluted (if dilatory) plotting, that make my glimpse into the Trailverse each morning one of the highlights of the day.

  2. Well, I knew the gun had to be some place, so I was not exactly surprised at this point. Odd that Mark would be, though. He should have seen that Baldy no longer had a gun on him. Anyway, I thought Mark had already seen through their charade.

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