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I bet the rain drops in the second panel are the same…

Talk about your copy/paste functions…


the center panel today is identical to the the one from yesterday…  Sort of like a slylock fox comic on Sunday… they always have a “what’s different” exercise for the kids…

Grizzly, huh?  Name of Samson, huh?  Oh the tension builds… “Yea, let’s just go ahead ride on into that Ol’ Grizzly cave and see what trouble we can stir up…  in our stirrups… Ha!  Get it?  That’s a joke, son!  Nice boy but he’s about a sharp as a bag of wet mice…”

2 thoughts on “I bet the rain drops in the second panel are the same…

  1. The grizzly bear, once found over most of western North America, now is restricted mainly to western Canada and Alaska. It is listed as threatened in the lower 48 states, where it survives only in parts of the northern Rockies and northern Cascades. Conflict with humans and loss of habitat led to its present status. The last grizzly bear was killed in the Black Hills in 1894.
    Per the U.S. National Park Service 8/23/2017
    I wonder if Samson knows just how rare he is.

  2. I’m amused at the two of them trading patronizing remarks, trying to outdo each other:

    Sheriff: “See that ridgeline up there? Well you could if…blah blah blah…a good old bear cave that runs straight through to the tunnels….”
    translation: “I’m telling you this, even though you grew up here, just to impress you with my knowledge! Impressed, aren’t you!?”

    Johnny: “I’ve seen evidence of bears, lately.”
    translation: “Big deal. I played there as a kid.”

    Sheriff: “There’s a black bear that lives near the ghost town, but…”
    translation: “So did I, you punk. Well, not impressed yet?”

    Sheriff: “…It’s not a black bear cave we’re heading towards.”
    “Hey, I bet you didn’t know about THAT, Tonto!”

    Johnny: “What do you mean, Sheriff?”
    translation: “I bet this was REAL news..about 80 years ago.”

    Sheriff: “The cave is a grizzly cave – it belongs to…Samson.”
    Translation: “Zap! Bet you’re whizzin’ down your leg right now, Johnny, thinkin’ of ol’ Samson the Grizzly Bear!”

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