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Johnny ain’t buyin’ it, Sheriff…

You’ve been found out sheriff!  Johnny is calling you on your story.  Along with your faithful readers who pointed out that Griz simply don’t live in the Black Hills…


So, um, yea, see…  he doesn’t come out unless he’s hungry… sticks to the caves…  he’s over 100 years old, Ol’ Sampson is…  What a crock!!  So even if you have to “deal with that bear,” his eyes will be cloudy with cataracts and he won’t have any teeth left…

One thought on “Johnny ain’t buyin’ it, Sheriff…

  1. I’m a bit suspicious of that ol’ Sheriff. Not sure his goal is really what he pretends it is. Besides, at this point “keeping dry” is pretty much a pointless goal, don’t you think? “Sneaking up on the bad guys:” should be the real motivation here. But the Sheriff doesn’t seem too concerned about that. I wonder why…?

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