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Truer words have never been uttered…

… yup, time to WRAP THIS UP…

By now I am sure that Johnny is sick and tired of being nothing but a setup man for Sheriff Strober’s (Stober’s?) one-liners…  “I’m a bit slow and can’t see things the way you do, Sheriff…”  “That’s OK, Johnny, that’s why you are here… to make me look good.”


Who else would it be, Johnny?  Hmmm?


So the sun does shine in South Dakota.  Well, you’d never know it by the last few months, which felt more like a monsoon season…

But… uh… yea.  Sure.  I bet your cell/data plan is all that… able raise a signal in the middle of the Black Hills…  But then maybe he has Verizon… They always claim to cover the boondocks…  It’s that 1 or 2 percent better than the other plans…  Looks like Baldy is snapping a selfie in panel three…

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