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Mark, why must you be this way?

Be right all the time?  Know more than everyone else? Care about bank robbers and kidnappers? OK, that last one is new.  In the olden days Mark would have punched his way out of there, leaving a Trail (ha!) of teeth and spittle…


But what is he talking about?  The mere arrival of clear skies does not mean the coast is clear?  That there is smooth sailing? That the small craft warning has been lifted?  OK, too many nautical references in the middle of the prairie…  but I guess that’s what he’s getting at…

One thought on “Mark, why must you be this way?

  1. As Baldy might otherwise have said “You trying to show off your meteorological knowledge, Mr. Smarty Pants? You been watching reruns of ‘Mr. Wizard?'” Well, there has to be SOME kind of reason for all of Trail’s perplexingly accommodating ways. Maybe Mark is prepping for his retirement job, as a fill-in for Mary Worth.

    We recall that Trail made SOME kind of plan with Johnny, who then took the big downhill exit. Is Trail trying to keep everybody together in one, easy-to-corral (thank you) location, so that Johnny and the cavalry can come to the rescue? Or does Trail think that his impromptu stunt at the airport rental kiosk would get Lesley to call the cops, rather than waste time providing fodder for Gil’s merciless sense of humor? And are those FBI guys going to wait until a sunny day to get off their butts and on the job? Will everybody somehow wind up in this nowhere ghost town at the same time?

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