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Pieces and parts…

One thing we know by know is that James Allen loves big, block letters describing big, loud sounds.  Especially explosions.  Where Mark goes, concussions follow.  It would seem that Mark would have to enter a concussion protocol in every story line we have been subjected to since Allen took the reins, but then this is nothing new- Mark has been taking blows to his head for decades now, previously through the inevitable fist-fight…


So with pieces and parts flying everywhere, including a handgun and a bedroll full of bills, Mark and Baldy go into Justice League mode attempting to avoid the fray…  Good that the pilot bailed even if his chances were slim… they would have been none if he had stayed aboard.

But really? Do planes explode on contact?  I guess they can, and do!  Imagine those poor motorists thinking that their biggest challenge was getting around the slow-poke in the left lane!!

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