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Shadows always loom large…

…in Allen’s Trailverse… in the first panel we see the front of Mark’s face aglow from the burning aviation fuel (or at least what’s left of it) after the explosion… but the back half of Mark’s head is in the darkness of the wall / funnel cloud.  In the Second Panel we see more a study in perspective as Mark seems to be rising from the fires in an attempt to wrest control of “the gun…”  Makes me think that Allen wishes he could render in 3-D!  Makes me also wonder what’s going on with Mark’s “Trailing” hand… (boy this never gets old, does it??) …looks to be wracked in a palsy…


Finally, the Baldy right hook finds its Mark (ha!) on the Northern Trailian Mandible, which will lead to, hopefully, full-on fisticufs in the Trail Tradition.

2 thoughts on “Shadows always loom large…

  1. How does Mark so quickly transition from gun diving to a standing fight with Baldy? Advanced yoga training??

  2. All great points, guys! The first thing that struck me was why Mark foolishly went after the gun in the first place, allowing Baldy to ambush him. Trail could have simply taken him on, mano a mano, from the start. This would have also given the “doubtable” Sheriff Stober the opportunity to rush in and complete the takeover.

    Speaking of which, where is The Sheriff? Hiding behind some convenient shipping crate? Laid low by flying debris? Or pointlessly running after the parachuting pilot? For that matter, one can only imagine how Johnny and Blondie are getting on.

    I can see her timidly approaching Johnny, who allows her to put her arms around him as she pretends to whimper and seek his mercy. Seconds later, she throws him to the ground and scoops up the revolvers. Score: Bad Gus 2, Naive Good Guys 0.

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