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Now’s a fine time to rehash life choices!!

… yup… true statement, Oh Bald One.  Mark should wear a t-shirt or a placard that states, “Where Trail Goes Trouble Follows!”  This is one of those immutable Laws of Nature.  And Baldy stepped right into it!  Like a cow-pie!


So what’s your point, then?  You can’t go back in time, you can only go forward.  And by going forward, I mean delivering the punch that you are threatening in panel two…  Not continuing to monologue while you are leaving yourself open to a bullet from Sheriff Stober.  You’ve got a clear shot now, right Sheriff?  Big Bald Dome perched on broad body just three feet off the ground at twenty or fewer paces…  what are you waiting for??

3 thoughts on “Now’s a fine time to rehash life choices!!

  1. Baldy’s fist (nearly the size of Trail’s head) would undoubtedly be cataclysmic to the integrity of the outdoor writers skull. The only thing that can save Trail at this point is a speeding bullet from the slowpoke sheriff, which one can assume will not blow the top of Baldy’s cranium off, splattering blood, bone and brain matter all over panel three. It will likely be an innocuous hit to the shoulder where the gore factor won’t be enough to alarm those sitting down for a morning bowl of Cap’n Crunch.

  2. Mark needs to knee Baldy in the groin, as the Marquess de Queensberry Rules do not apply when you are on your back fighting a bank robber during a tornado while looking for ferrets in a ghost town.

  3. I suppose I am transgressing some unspoken rule of adventure stories by wondering why Stober just doesn’t walk up to the fighting duo, put a gun against Baldie’s head and threaten to pull the trigger if he doesn’t spread eagle on the ground right now. If this was not a family strip, I would have written “walked up, put a gun to Baldie’s head and pulled the trigger”, but this IS a family strip. So Stober is likely still standing (like a jackass) across the street, trying to get a “clear shot”.

    And only NOW is Baldie having second thoughts about “picking up” Trail at the airport!? If there was a plan here, I’m sure it’s escaped just about everybody. Maybe even Allen, who seems to not have ever gotten around to revealing it.

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