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That’s a… Tomahawk??

Looks more like a hatchet to me… one you’d find at Menards or Lowes…  something a serial killer uses…


This is what I had pictured in my mind…


or this…


But Holy Mos Moses, you were right!!  You went all the way back to the FBI Regional Office to dig up that bit of foreshadowing!!  So what now?  Does he hurl it? Brandish it?  No use in bringing a tomahawk to a gunfight, you aren’t going to come out of that in one piece…  Not without maintaining some element of surprise…

2 thoughts on “That’s a… Tomahawk??

  1. The Sheriff appears to be brandishing a Sears tomahawk, not to be confused with an authentic tomahawk. The only blood this weapon has seen is the Sheriff’s, who cut his thumb on the thick plastic packaging while struggling to open it.

    Either the head will fall off or the handle will break upon release, or the balance is so out of whack that the weapon will skitter to a halt on the sod long before it finds its mark. This is assuming that the Sheriff knows which end of the weapon is up. Perhaps he should pass it off to Lone Elk, who probably has first hand experience. He even has ample time to test the sharpness of the blade on his stubble before Baldy pulls the trigger next month.

    Too bad the tomahawk won’t be used for its intended purpose, to separate Baldy’s scalp from his skull, or to cleave it asunder.

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