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Johnny! Why you doin’ the perp walk?!

Seriously.  There is so much wrong with today’s installment I barely know where to begin…


By “these three” one would assume by looking at the picture that Johnny is among them, right?  Yea, and what about that Grizzly? (Yes Mark, there was an entire story line that didn’t involve you…) Does he only object to people walking toward (what’s left of) the Ghost Town and lets people leaving get a pass?  Or does Sheriff Stober have a fresh stash of Nut Goodies in his other pocket?  And what about the trip back to Jimmy and Sarita’s?  The one that takes days  into weeks to accomplish, even on Horseback, which they don’t have at this point?  And do you really expect these desperados to remain compliant, even without being shackled?  And what about the FBI who is still safely sheltering in place during all the tornado activity?  Finally, what happened to the bedroll full of cash from the bank?  Blown from there to Kingdom Come I would imagine…

3 thoughts on “Johnny! Why you doin’ the perp walk?!

  1. This is no way to round up and move dangerous felons who were recently trying to kill you. Johnnie should be following the pilot with Blondie’s gun and she should not be standing behind the Sheriff, who seemingly forgot to bring handcuffs for any of them. They should put Baldie on point and sacrifice him to the bear.

  2. Poor Johnny: He seems to have absolutely no self-respect; always stooped over, a despondent expression; no vim and vigor; no personality at all….wait. I think I described just about everybody in this story except Mark.

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