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Or “BIZZ” you in?

Well, that didn’t take very long- for Chris “Dirty” Dyer-Smith to go from wistful to resentful- his default mode, after all.  Here’s a guy who could probably star in one of those awful pistachio commercials


Yea!  I don’t have the time to waste on current events, or newspapers that have as page one/above the fold/lead story the fact that the circus is dying out… I have things to do and people to see!

Considering that in the Trailverse only about 3 days have ticked off the calendar since we saw Dirty in his Safari get-up and the airport, this is still in real time…  and for some reason has himself in Sunny Southern Florida…  Oh the suspense…

One thought on “Or “BIZZ” you in?

  1. I’m betting Dirty makes a connection with the attractive biologist who treated us to the manatee-birth-in-the-SUV story just a few months ago, or at least her excitable boss! What do you think?

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