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Yea! How ’bout THEM Apples?!

And thanks, Mark for bringing up that awful memory of the Dinosaur Dream!  That was the day I was supposed to go fishing…  although there wasn’t any actual footage of the same…  Supposedly I caught more fish than you did… That was back in the Elrod days…


But now the shamed and emotionally thrashed Rusty is turning to exhibit ‘A’ … the apples…  as Mark looks on in disbelief.  Even Ol’ Andy is getting in on the caper!

One thought on “Yea! How ’bout THEM Apples?!

  1. Meanwhile, Grandpa is still standing around outside, gobsmacked. I like how Mark looks like a rube who just got taken in a 3-Card Monty game, rather than display a more analytical, curious expression, such as you might see on Mr. Cleaver’s face in an episode of Leave It to Beaver.

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