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tick…. toc…. doc….

Now we find ourselves, ABR (All But Rusty, the natural state,) out on the Porch continuing to listen in on Doc’s conversation…


But isn’t it know in these parts that Doc is a teetotaler?  Pretty sure he never touches the stuff… but then one never knows what goes on behind closed doors… heck, with all that space, they could easily be shining… At least that would explain where they get the money to sustain what appears to be a life of perpetual leisure…

And as Mark and Cherry listen in on Doc’s conversation, we see them decked out in L.L. Bean’s finest… Cherry in the Women’s Premium Double L Polo in Cardinal Red, Mark in the Men’s Signature 1933 Chamois Cloth Shirt, slim fit…  You, too can dress and look like Cherry and Mark, gang, but get yours quick!  They are going like hotcakes!!

2 thoughts on “tick…. toc…. doc….

  1. An unofficial source showed me a draft of the continuing dialog:
    Mark – “Doc, you mean to say you saw a monkey on an ostrich? Out here!?”
    Doc – “That’s right. Mark! Couldn’t believe my eyes!”
    Cherry – “Mark, I suppose we should unchain Rusty…?”
    Mark – “Uh, we don’t know if they are related incidents! You know how Rusty gets!”
    Cherry – “Oh? How would YOU know!? You’re rarely around here!”
    Doc muttering -“Oh Lord, here we go again!”

    Of course, this was a draft. I doubt it made it past the letterer.

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