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As we rejoin our hipster couple, whose idea of outfitting themselves for camping is to visit the local version of Ragstock for clothes and raid their grandparents’ garage for gear, I am again wanting to comment on Kathy… not to be mean (OK, Maybe…) but it looks like her face has been reconstructed… like she made a bad choice and got too friendly with a chimpanzee and it reverted to its territorial instincts…


Today we learn the man’s name is Shannon.  Irish, I think, and probably not uncommon there.  River Shannon.  Means Old and Wise.  Of song fame “Shannon is going away. She’s drifting out to sea…” That one was about a dog, I think.

But soft!  What through yonder forest breaks?!  And Kathy utters the complete “What in the World!?”  as opposed to the time honored “What Th-!?”  Clearly not of the Trailverse is she…

One thought on “Shannon?!

  1. Props to georgekatkins for yesterday’s comment predicting an elephant that will no doubt be revealed tomorrow. A big bonus point if the tree-breaking pachyderm goes through the tent. If they run to a Jeep, James Allen will be outing himself as a self-heckler.

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