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Talk About Invasive Species…

OOOOOO-K…  What do we have here?  Kathy with a ‘K’ and currently unnamed dude with a bad dye-job from top to bottom (I mean, who has hair that black??) are camping near Lost Forest.  Let’s hope it not in Lost Forest, because that would be against the rules!


So… are we to gather from this piece of dialogue that Goatee-man (or Goat-man, for short) is not only style-stuck in the 90’s, with his shirt-and-sweater-vest combo, but wasn’t really “down” with the whole camping thing…  And Kathy, who spends days chained to her workstation grinding out appliances and bridges, needed a well deserved break? Got news for you sweetheart, that technical degree you earned that put you into that career is currently being made obsolete through robotics and technology.  Let’s hope you have your student loans paid off!

2 thoughts on “Talk About Invasive Species…

  1. Where did these urban hipsters find a very old school tent in 2018? Internal frames had taken over the market by 1980. There is also no staked rope tied to the ridge pole to hold it up. Has James Allen ever been camping??

  2. Yes, reminiscent of a 1950s campsite, perhaps; we once again see a “youthful” pair on a getaway adventure, only surely to fall into sudden disarray. Perhaps they will be the ones to encounter runaway circus elephants smashing through their canvas tent, trampling their camp stove, and sending them running for the dubious safety of their Jeep.

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