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Swamp Thing?

As Marlin emerges from the smoldering wreck that was the Zoo-Jeep, his silhouette is vaguely reminiscent of that early 80’s classic Swamp Thing…  And Mark, why are you thinking to yourself, but then talking out loud?  Are we back to the Trail standard of the vocalized inner monologue?


But let’s get back to the REAL question:  What use would a circus have with a Rhinoceros?  They don’t socialize particularly well, and I’d be hard pressed to figure out what kind of “act” might involve one…  And in the circus, every mouth to feed has to to earn its keep, right?  I mean, this guy (or gal) would eat body weights in food-stock, and that costs money!  Not to mention just taking up space- like an entire train-car’s worth!  And where would one find or post for a Rhino-Wrangler? Monster.com?

So as Cherry tools around in her Escalade, Doc sips his coffee and Rusty still wonders where his apple infused flapjacks are, we are left to boggle at the action that just transpired and is the new norm in Mark Trail…  Even in Lost Forest, there’s nary a dull moment!

One thought on “Swamp Thing?

  1. Another miraculous shot (as usual, Mark shoots from the front rather than the rear, though the rear seems to be the preferred location in the Real World)! And another miraculous effect as the rhino immediately falls asleep, in spite of the fact that web sites say it takes from 10 to 30 minutes. And the tranquilizer is so powerful that a very small amount can kill a human (http://www.kalahari-trophy-hunting.com/rhino-hunt.html and http://articles.latimes.com/1991-09-22/news/mn-4099_1_computer-chip).

    One wonders: If these two are pros, how come THEY didn’t take over the dart rifle, or have their own? And how are they going to get the rhino back? Those things weigh up to 3 tons, so I found out!

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