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Rusty… fades to black…

Once again, we are left to wonder what’s become of Mark and Cherry Trail’s adopted son…  Did he make it onto the plane with them?  Is he in the pressurized cargo hold?


Nevertheless, here we find the perpetual lovebirds, absorbed in their own, well, thing… Room for two, please, and no disturbances…

Still, I’m thinking they are heading to Cancún International Airport, (CUN) one of a ridiculous number of airports in Mexico…  who knew?  I guess I shouldn’t make assumptions, like the one Rusty did when he marveled at the size of the airport from which they departed…

2 thoughts on “Rusty… fades to black…

  1. Rusty doesn’t appear to be in any of the adjacent seats hinted at in the panels. Maybe he got “accidentally” stored in the Overhead.

    But since this strip is based on the philosophy of Pure Hokum, we’ll probably find out that Rusty has been visiting the Flight Cabin, getting his “wings” and a tour of the cockpit.

    No “Airplane” jokes need come up.

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