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As their plane wings its way out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Cherry reminds Mark of an adventure that he’d just as soon forget…


As Mark recalls the horrors of being trapped by flowing lava and being forced to cliff-jump into the sea, all the color drains from his face and he suddenly appears gaunt and wan…  While all Cherry remembers is ordering up Mai-tais by the pool and that shirtless, conch-blowing cabana boy


2 thoughts on “PTSD Mark

  1. Mark may not want to see a volcano again, but the too-quickly-dismissed offer by a very grateful Abbey Powell keeps haunting him.

  2. Okay, what’s that dark, ominous-looking weather area behind the plane?
    A rain/thunderstorm?
    The place where Allen likes to check the ink flow of his pen and forgot to cover up?
    Or a symbol of things to come?

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