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The hand… The HAND!

Never mind Cherry’s reaction to the sudden realization that they will be paying dearly for the privilege of camping


…it’s Rusty’s hand in the third panel…  AHHHHHH!!! Put it down, son, PUT!  IT!!   DOWN!!!

4 thoughts on “The hand… The HAND!

  1. It almost seems as if Rusty grew another set of phalanges, situated promixate to the standard set of proximate phalanges that we all know and love upon our normal hands.

    Call it wild speculation, but I’m thinking it must have to do with a spider bite associated with the hidden nuclear research facility deep in the Mexican jungle. . .

  2. Perhaps the awkward hand is a set-up for Rusty’s reaction to the resort’s clothing-optional beach? Living a sheltered life in Lost Forest does not prepare him for a sudden exposure to nudity most tweens now get from the Internet.

  3. And I wonder just how Rusty’s new friend Mara is likely to react upon her first beachfront encounter with Rusty’s anatomical oddity in the harsh glare of the relentless Mexican sunlight. As if being a teen wasn’t full enough of soul-crushing moments for each and every one of us who made it through those years, it appears that Mr. Allen may be planning to ask us to revisit those times through Rusty’s unexpressive eyes.

  4. So, let’s see, they must have paid a fair chunk of change (after all, wildlife photography must pay big bucks) for airline tickets and the chance to live in a wilderness-like area by the sea, but with no electricity or most other “modern” accommodations.

    Wouldn’t that be like living in their own cabin in the woods along the lake, after turning off the electricity and hiding the phones?

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