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Fools Rush In, Part 2

Part 2?  Might be Part n… Mark has never been known for his use of the pre-frontal cortex… where reasoning, discretion and executive decision making emanates…


…but still resplendent in his faded red, now pink, chamois cloth shirt and blue jeans (wait… aren’t we in the tropics?) he throws the stoner-van door open and makes his move.  Except, wait…  didn’t Mara and Rusty get the door slammed in their face?  No, Mark, they aren’t “in there…”  Rusty’s phone is, and there will be a talking to about that lack of discretion, but for now, I would say that the kids are relatively safe…

“Captain Jose?”  Do you not have a surname?  Honestly, the writing here is really, ummm, bad.

One thought on “Fools Rush In, Part 2

  1. “Capt. Jose” must think Mark is slow (can’t imagine why), since he feels he has to tell Mark that the conversation in Panel One was to get reinforcements.

    But in Panel 3, Our Main Trail jumps out of the van, anyway, with the fear-laden cry “My son might be in there!”, thus borrowing a line and reaction seen in every B-movie made that featured a parent with a child stuck in some life-or-death enclosure (e.g. building on fire, car teetering on the edge, hostage situation, Turkish Parliament brawl, etc.).

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