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Agreement! Agreement!!

If my high school level spanish taught me anything is that there needs to be agreement between gender and plurality…  It’s MIS amigos!  not mi amigos!  And if we want to be even slightly authentic perhaps a “Vamanos amigos” as opposed to “Let’s go” would have added a nice touch…  making the “mi,” “mis” or “my” superfluous…


So I guess Rusty and Mara were shut out of the front door and Mark and Capt. Jose are fortunate enough to have rolled up to the back, where the bad guys are making their escape…

But Wait!  Mark knows this guy?  Do we?  I will be really embarrassed if I missed this connection, but honestly I am at a loss.  Unless he’s one of the coyote that were seen trafficking humans and blew up the cave entrance (and only exit) in the Chihuahuan desert, trapping Mark, Professor Gabe and Carina?


Bingo!  The arms should have been the clue! I was sort of sniffing at this before but hadn’t made the connection!

3 thoughts on “Agreement! Agreement!!

  1. Great Catch! Same skull belt buckle in both drawings. Perhaps there is a wormhole in the library that shoots the bad guys out into the ocean, where the formerly beached whale takes them to Dirty’s lair? Maybe we will soon see Carina and Cherry lounging by the pool, well into their afternoon margaritas?

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